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When I was prepping for and applying to law school, one of the things that my pre-law advisor suggested that I do was to become a research assistant.  Law school admissions boards like to see that skill in potential applicants for two reasons, 1. It means that the potential lawyer will be familiar with how to research important things, like cases, and 2. They like to see applicants whose academic training is similar to their own.  I ended up doing some “free-lance” research for one of my professors, but there were, and are, plenty of positions for research assistants on college campuses.  Now, for most of you, that sounds scary, intimidating, and flat out boring, not to mention the thought of working on campus brings to mind menial labor jobs that don’t pay much.  That’s half true, but you can make money online, or while working from home, doing research for people, without having to be a student or live on campus.

We’re not in the dark ages, thankfully, and research doesn’t have to be done in a monastery or moldy library somewhere in Europe.  With the advent of the internet, the ability to research well and quickly has been dramatically increased.  In fact, I know several College professors who require at least one or two internet resources in their student’s research papers.  Not only is the internet broad ranging, it is also full of great depth.

What is it and how do I?

Busy people have important things to do and can’t waste their time researching small details or seemingly trivial information.  They are willing to pay people money to do that for them.  You don’t have to be a specialist in any particular field to make this work, either.  All you need to know is how to use Google and other web browsers and you can market yourself as a researcher.

Basic Search Functions

Some basic Google functions are included on the “Advanced Search” are mostly extensions of Boolean search terms.  You can also further refine the search by language, file type, date, numeric range, region, or limiting the search to page specific search.

More tools can be found once you have searched.  You can find these tools in the right hand side of the webpage by clicking on “More Search Tools.”  These tools include options to refine by: sites with images, sites visited, sites not yet visited, dictionary, social, nearby, translated foreign pages, and there is also a tool called “Wonder Wheel.”  This tool allows you to search for related terms to the one you originally searched for.  This is especially useful if you have been unable to think of the exact term you are searching for.

Once you have searched and clicked on the Wonder Wheel, you will see a wheel with the search term at the center and several branches with related search terms.  If you click on one of the terms the original circle will become smaller and you will see another circle with more options, and so on.  In addition to the basic web search, you can search Google through images, videos, maps, news, shopping, translate, books, finance, scholar, blogs, and real-time.   Most other search sites have similar search capabilities.

Where can I offer my skills?

Two sites that I can recommend as a starting point are and  Both of these sites allow you to search for jobs in various areas.  This will let you browse for the research jobs that people are posting.

I recommend that you start small, at a level that allows you to complete the project quickly and effectively.  That way you will build a good reputation with the community of people looking for freelancers and you will build up your confidence in your ability to do the job.  Once you have done a few smaller jobs, then you can start going after larger, and more lucrative, projects and also promote yourself to a wider audience.

Take time to do your research, no pun intended, and you can make money online or from home by doing freelance research work!

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